Who is The Damned Olde Man?

I am the one person uniquely qualified to shrink your head while expanding your waistline. I’m a chef. I’m a shrink. I’m a former deadhead, a former Democrat, a former Republican. I’m a rabid fan of the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Indians, THE Ohio State Buckeyes, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (LA3), and the Los Angeles Lakers. I love good food, fine wine, and great beer. I love to travel, but rarely leave the country. I am also what many refer to as an “MRA.” I can be cantankerous and intimidating, but my bark is much worse than my bite.

Although the RSS feed from the new blog posts excerpts in the sidebar, this blog has been moved to TheDamnedOldeMan.com. To read what I have to say simply click the link and it’ll take you there.

– The Damned Olde Man (TDOM)